Sit and Go Winning Strategy

One of the most profitable types of poker games to play online is sit and go. In this type or match, you have the opportunity to build your bankroll quickly by using some simple poker strategies. Two of the best strategies to employ in sit and go is hand picking and picking the right place.

Poker Hand Selection

A good understanding of hand pkv games will help you advance in sit and go tournaments and may very well help you make money much easier. While picking the top ten hands is definitely the best way, this article is more about hands you should NOT play.

Hand selection is the ability to choose the best hand for each situation you are in. For example, in early positions, such as under the rifle, it is ideal to limp or min lift with a very strong hand, especially if you have several aggressive players who act after you. You can count on increasing aggressive players and therefore giving you the opportunity to get more chips in the pot. Since you have a position on aggressive players, you can always raise or trap your opponent.

On the other hand, if you have weak aces, or a hand that is ranked in the middle (such as QJ matched or pocket 5), you may find that these hands work better in late position, simply because you can disguise your hand when you are playing. limp in and press fail.

Choose Your Place

An understanding of the types of players in a sit and go position is also very helpful for winning. The majority of players in the sit-and-go position are fast-paced action addicts. They want to quickly accumulate as many poker chips as possible and try to double or triple in an attempt to control the action as the sit and go gets closer to the money.

While it may sound like a good poker strategy, in the long run, these overly aggressive players rarely find themselves succeeding. Due to the sit and go nature and the fact that so many people are ‘rushed’, you can selectively choose where you want your chips to be involved.

The best sit and go strategy is to let aggressive players steal small pots and try to knock each other out, while you play good position, good cards and take their bluffs in big pots. Using aggressive and inexperienced players against themselves will eventually make you sit down and go even further. Make it a point to pick the right spots with the right poker hands and make smart moves against your opponents.

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