Steps to Enter Contests and Sweepstakes

1. Get a free online email account. Yahoo Mail or Gmail by Google works fine. This way you can keep all your entries and responses in one place.

2. Download a form filling and password management program. This will dramatically reduce the time it takes to fill out registration forms or sweepstakes sweepstakes, especially if you fill out a lot per day at . With this type of program, you can fill out entire forms with just one click. Using a form filling and password management program is not the same as an “automatic entry” service and is completely contest and sweepstakes friendly. I prefer to use RoboForm. RoboForm does not use any spyware, adware or forced advertising. You can also find similar programs on the Google Toolbar and Opera Browser.

3. Know the difference. The “contest” involves skill level that will determine the outcome. “Lottery” involves chance or luck to determine the outcome.

4. Find the contest or sweepstakes you want to enter. Find directories so you can see them separated into categories to make it easier to find the ones that interest you the most.

5. Look at websites that run contests or sweepstakes. Make sure you feel it is a reputable site. Most sites run legitimate contests and sweepstakes. Site owners usually want to provide a product that will show you an example of what they have to offer. This way you may want to come back to the site and buy more. There are some sites out there that are just trying to get your email address so they can spam you but most don’t. This is another reason to get a free online email account. You should also look for a set of rules and a list of winners somewhere linked to the entry form.

6. READ THE RULES. This is perhaps the most important step. Most (but not all) legitimate contests and sweepstakes have a set of rules. It is very important that you ensure that you are eligible to enter contests and sweepstakes. Some examples of things to look for are: Entry limits. This will tell you how often you are allowed in. Most sites will delete all of your entries if you enter more than allowed. On the other hand, you want to enter as often as possible and the rules allow. Appropriateness. This will usually tell you how old you are and which countries you are allowed to enter. End date. It will notify you at the end of the contest or draw. You want to know this so you can check your email or website to see if you have won.

7. Enter a contest or sweepstakes. This is where the fun begins.

8. Check your e-mail. By checking your email frequently, you can see if any confirmation is needed and to see if you have won.

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