Can Online Poker Dealers Be Rigged?

I need an article this morning about all the conversations in the threads I saw on the web about how internet poker is rigged. Without much effort you can find dozens of threads that go on for days about terrible beats, Way Complete are thirds rigged, PokerStars is rigged, and most online poker is just a joke no body but an idiot can play with. (Even when the author himself continues to play it)

Anyway, I spent a few hours playing various live tournaments this week and after seeing some really weird hands, bad plays, bad calls, bad beats and so on, it reminds me how live poker is just like “cheating” like online poker!

During last week’s Class I played multiple multi-table tournaments at Caesar’s Palace, The Mirage, The Grove, The Mirage, and The Wynn . Whenever you play online, many players tend to get frustrated by stupid games and attribute online games to those remaining, but I’m here to tell you, because most of the dumb performances are made in existing games from big casinos, even since they were made online. on line. Here Is Only an example of the palm I played:

1)) I’ve been caught red-handed in tournaments when players moved due to changes, forced to call all after I wanted to fold. His A-Jo beat J to failure to beat my Ak.

Two) I misplaced using a set of 8 to TWO people chasing a straight draw and hitting it to the Switch. I was chased with most of the chips, which were, at the very least, huge piles.

3) I was caught off guard when a new player known as me all pocketed more than 1/2 his processor with only the A-9 far suit. Of course, he hit 9 on the Turn and I was done.

4) I fell for a guy called pre flop boost 3k with 24 satisfied. My QJ both hit the flop and my big 2 pair ended up being crushed by a pathetic flush that shouldn’t have been in the hand had the guy only had an ounce of brains.

In essence, online poker is no more fraudulent than poker in a dark card room in Vegas. Lots of people playing NL Texas defending the Celtics at the moment. A lot of people play really bad. You see it in the casino and you watch it online. You see a lot more of them online simply due to the fact that you will find more gamers and additional controls overcome, but I think the ratio is about the same. It just seems clearer online than live.

If you are going to be playing in a poker tournament, you are likely to experience bad beats, most likely most of the time. Play tournaments to compensate for this, and also the nice thing about playing online is that you can pay a lot less than the buy-in to get a lot of prize money because there are a lot of players playing a lot more. Plus, no need to sit with them for 2 hours!

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