How to Play Online Football Betting Sbobet beginners will first be explained the sections in each game and how to understand the bets before placing the right team selection.

Understanding Online Football Gambling For Beginners
Handicap: a game using Vooran ball or ball points in sbobet bola each match with the team that is more in the lead must give ball points.
Example of Vooran in Sbobet Online Gambling Menu

0.75 = 3/4 Balls (Three Quarter Balls)

0.50 = 1/2 Ball (Half Ball)

0.25 = 1/4 Ball (Quarter Ball)

1 = 1 Ball (One Ball)

And so on.

Meaning of 1×2 Ball Betting Game
1X2: the game determines the outcome of the match directly starting from the host team of the draw and the guest team that wins the match.
Example: Juventus vs Real Madrid

1 = Juventus (Host Team)

X = Match result with a balanced result or Draw score

2 = Real Madrid (Guest Team)

Online Football Betting Mix Parlay

Understanding Odd Even Games And Top Down
Odd/Even = a game with a total number of goals or final scores that have an odd or even value.
Example: Barcelona 0 vs 0 Manchester City

Match results (Even/Even)

Example: Barcelona 1 vs 0 Manchester City

Match results (Odd)

Over/Under or Up/Down: a game by summing the total number of goals that occur on the field when Over or over the number of goals must exceed the bet and Under the total number of goals must not exceed what it should be.
Example: Bayern Munchen 1 vs 2 Barcelona Over/Under 2

The result of the match was won by the over because it had exceeded two goals and the under was declared to have lost

Example: Bayern Munchen 1 vs 0 Barcelona Over/Under 2

The result of the competition is stated as Under, then the one who places an under bet is stated as winning and is over losing

Example: Barcelona 1 vs 1 Manchester United Over/Under 2

NB: If the total goal result is exactly the same as the total goal number 2 as above it is declared a series or Draw there is no winner and no loser.

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