5 Facts of E-Sports That Are Classified as Sports

Some time ago we saw the Asian Games which included e-sports as one of the sports that we are fighting for. This is the first time the Asian Games have held an electronic sport.

To answer it, it’s good to know in advance what is meant by sport. Sport has a general understanding as any activity that has physical activity, through relaxed or organized participation with the aim of expressing or improving physical and mental abilities which can also be used for social relationships or achieving achievements. Well, for the understanding of social relations and achievement, of course you already understand, but what about physical activity?

What are the physical things that can be obtained through e-sports?

1. Incredible Motor Skills

Those who follow e-sports live casino88 especially those who use PCs have extraordinary motor skills when compared to ordinary people. E-sports athletes are able to make movements on the keyboard and mouse up to 400 movements per minute. The movement is asymmetrical where both hands have different movements at the same time which means the brain is also working very hard.

2. Have a heart rate that is equivalent to a marathon athlete

Indeed, e-sports athletes look like lazy people who just sit in front of a computer screen. However, according to a study, it turns out that the activity is more complex than imagined.

Those who play strategy games have a pulse of up to 160 to 180 beats in a minute. This is equivalent to a person running very fast like a marathon.

3. Exercise is needed for body position problems

There is an interesting fact that the average e-sports athlete has an unhealthy body shape due to playing a game in a bad position for the first time. In fact, this greatly affects their performance in playing. Because of this, they are trained for body positions, especially the shoulders and neck.

4. Good nutrition and nutritional control

The nutrition of e-sports athletes is also taken into account when they sit for hours in front of a screen to train. Those who won turned out to have a healthy diet that was on par with other sports athletes.

Instead they get additional nutrients from ginseng to improve brain circulation. However, most e-sport athletes are still wary of this condition.

5. Has an age limit

Whether we realize it or not, it turns out that e-sports athletes are also like soccer athletes who have an age limit. According to athletes, the age limit for becoming an e-sports athlete is in their mid-20s. It was because their reflexes were starting to decline and the young competitors were entering their prime.

However, that doesn’t mean they can’t extend their careers. Rene Pinkera, a World of Warcraft athlete, was able to extend his career life to five years. This means that at the end of 20 years, he must be ready to give up his profession.

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